Piano Wire

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Piano Wire – an overview

“Piano wire” has become a generic term – not all wire described as piano wire really is piano wire! However my Piano Wire is the real thing!

A piano is normally strung with many different gauges of piano wire in order that the required note can be generated. For piano use the increment between sizes is usually 0.025mm. This is far closer than is required for most other applications and it means that exactly the right gauge for your purposes is probably available – please refer to the tables on my home page for the available sizes and other data.

These days Heckscher & Company supplies as much wire to other industries as it does to the piano industry. Applications include:

– Fashion Design including theatrical & operatic costumes & hats
– Model Making
– Arts & Crafts
– Service & Maintenance including plumblines
– Building & Construction including cutting bricks
– Jewellery Design
– DIY & Home Improvements
– Floristry & Landscaping

Wire to meet your custom requirements

Whilst 100g and 500g coils of wire are perfect for musical instruments and many other applications, we know that there are times when this volume will too small for its intended use. That’s why I offer a bespoke service for my customers, supplying larger coils to special order.

To discuss how I can help supply the right piano wire for you, please phone 01494 758713 or email martin@heckscher.co.uk